Case Study5: Get Over it Prisco

22 Feb

As hard as I’ve tried, it is very difficult for me to be objective in relation to these two articles about Drew Brees breaking Dan Marino’s record.  Being from New Orleans, I have been a Saints fan since I was little, and for the first time in my life we actually have an awesome team with record-breaking players.  There will always be controversy and criticism, but the fact that Brees and the Saints were criticized for the way he broke the record is ridiculous. 

The Falcons had every opportunity to turn that game around and stop Brees.  It is not Brees’ job nor is it the job of Sean Payton to make sure the Falcons players and staff don’t get their feelings hurt.  Brees had the chance to break the record and he did, which was awesome since I was there to witness it.  The fact that a few of the players, one unnamed, had a problem with it is too bad.  They have no one to blame but themselves.  These guys are playing grown-up football, not Pop Warner.  No need for the Saints to stop trying to score just because the Falcons can’t stop them.  In my opinion, it would have been more embarrassing for the Saints to have stopped trying just to not upset the Falcons. 

The headline that decided to go with was somewhat misleading.  One player said that “we won’t forget.”  That certainly doesn’t represent the opinion of the entire Falcons organization.  Mike Smith, the head coach for the Falcons, had nothing negative to say about Brees or the Saints after the game.  He congratulated Brees on his accomplishment.  However, Pete Prisco would have readers believe that Smith was looking “angrily” across the field during the last drive.  This could have been because he was upset that the Falcons secondary couldn’t stop Brees from moving the ball down the field.  I don’t think that had any business linking the article.  It was an extremely biased article written by a sports writer who clearly had an agenda.  The fact that Prisco wrote the article isn’t the problem; the problem is that quoted him as if he was an objective journalist, which in this case he was not.  The bottom line is that writers love controversy and this game provided plenty.  So, rather than focusing on the angle of Brees breaking the record, which is what these writers should have done, they chose to write about the more controversial topic, which was a few of the Falcons players whining after the game because they had just gotten slaughtered by their rivals.


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