Poligraft a Useful Tool for Journalists

14 Mar

The Poligraft website could be very useful for journalists or bloggers when writing political news articles because it allows for the writer to bypass much of the fact checking and research.  Poligraft provides reliable information on candidates, politicians, their contributors and everything related.  This enables a journalist to plug a story into the website and receive detailed feedback about the story.  Poligraft also rates politicians and their claims with a truth meter, with “pants on fire” being the lowest rating.

The story that I chose to run through Poligraft was headlined “Obama Says Accusations of Waging War on Religion are ‘Puzzling.'”  The article talks about the attacks made on Obama by conservatives that say he has waged a war on religion, in part because of the administration asking religious organizations to provide contraception, which is something the Catholic church morally opposes.  Obama dismisses these claims, saying that his first real job out of college was working with churches in Chicago where he spread the “social gospel.”

The citations listed by Poligraft were:

  • Rick Perry
  • World Health Organization
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Rick Santorum
  • Sarah Palin



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