Facebook and Journalism

4 Apr

Facebook is just now beginning to come around to the idea of blending journalism with social media.  Twitter has long been a go-to for journalists, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the following that Facebook does.  Journalists have begun to create their own Facebook pages, complete with stories and the latest breaking news.  One main difference of putting articles on Facebook rather than on an official news website is that people are much more likely to post comments on Facebook regarding their feelings about the article.  People are used to conversing with friends and sharing their thoughts and feelings on Facebook already, so it isn’t much different when commenting on articles they have just read.  Equally useful to journalists are the social reader apps, which allow Facebook users to share news article that they have read.  Instead of the journalist being the only promoter of his or her work, readers can now also share any article they find interesting.  The benefits of this are obvious.  As far as any legal or ethical issues, I can’t really think of any other than what Poynter calls “frictionless sharing.”  It goes on to say that “Facebook-embedded apps are a violation of the relationship between the Web and its users.”

The only promoting I have done on Facebook for my blog is to tell some of my friends that I am doing a blog through comments.


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