Case Study10: Wordle

17 Apr

In Obama’s first State of the Union address in 2009, his main vocabulary included words like “plan,” “education” and “responsibility.”  In 2010, his speech was more about the economic crisis and the housing market, with words like “banks,” “investments” and “problems.”  His 2011 speech seemed to be more of the same vocabulary, with “spending” and “deficit” being among the most prevalent words used.  What I interpreted from this was that his first speech was an attempt to ensure the American people that he had a plan, and that he was confident his plan would work.  His next two speeches focused more on the current economic crisis and the steps he and his administration had taken to address the crisis.

This tool is a great way to take an extremely long speech or piece of text and evaluate it in seconds, with the most common words being the biggest.  I was able to gather the main points of each speech by observing some of the key words.  This tool is useful to journalism for just that.  It can be used to illustrate points to readers, or just for personal use while writing a story.


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